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Welcome to Wooden Images

Tim Jumper grew up in Maine and has resided in Hingham, Massachusetts since 1972. Prior to his career as a woodcarver, he has been a schoolteacher, folksinger, guitar and banjo instructor, music store owner, carpenter, author and editor. Begun as a self-taught hobby in 1983, woodcarving became Tim's full-time occupation in 1990 when he and his wife, Diane, established Wooden Images.

Taking inspiration from the craftsmen who created the shipcarvings, shop figures, and folk art of the past, Tim works by hand in the traditional manner of the early craftsmen, using knives and gouges on blocks of pine and basswood to produce a wide variety of pieces including santas, animals, birds and folk figures, many of which are one-of-a-kind. The carvings are hand- painted with acrylics and given an antiqued patina using a variety of aging techniques.

Over the years, Tim has been honored by Early American Life magazine as one of the 200 best traditional craftsmen in the country. In 1997, his Santa with Snowy Owl was chosen for the cover of their special Christmas issue, and in 2000, his Heart-in-Hand carving was featured in their August publication.

After more than twenty years of participating in folk-art shows around the country, Tim and Diane have retired from “show business”. However, they will continue to produce their popular Santa carvings and offer them
through this site.

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